georgie and i have known monica & her family for about ten years now.  carson was a baby.  georgie was just a wee girl.  and monica’s only daughter, leah, was a gangly preteen.  it wasn’t long after meeting that monica adopted her precious baby faith.  in my mind she will ALWAYS be baby faith even though she’s certainly no baby now 🙂 

through all the crazy journeys we’ve been on, one thing has always remained constant:  monica and i are both crazy as they come.  (oops, did i just type that?  hee hee).  actually, what i meant to say is:  i am continously inspired by monica’s faith and her passion.  her life is a rollercoaster ride of twists and turns, ups and downs…it’s like a good book that you can’t put down…never knowing what the next page will reveal…and while  it’s fascinating to watch…i can’t EVEN IMAGINE what it’s like to actually LIVE it.

but LIVE IT is exactly what she and her family are doing.  her oldest son just celebrated his one year anniversary, leah is a gorgeous college student, faith is a well adjusted young lady.  and just when doug and monica could finally coast, they have instead adopted two very active, very handsome little guys from ethiopia.  no empty nest syndrome for this couple 🙂

yesterday monica told me that i simply HAD to check out the THIRD DAY — ‘CHILDREN OF GOD’ video.  i did.  i’d heard the song many times, but watching the images was an entirely different experience.  interesting timing with it being father’s day weekend.

if only we could TRULY grasp that we are, indeed, children of God.  and if only we could TRULY grasp that God is GOOD.   it would change our lives.  it would change the world.  if only. 

check out the video…and let the change begin:

at monica’s request, georgie and i have begun working on some adoption magnets. thank you, my friend, for continuing to live it. i am so very blessed to call you friend.

xoxo, gwen


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