game day!


2011 began with some reservation on the part of my dear, sweet daughter.  we had just announced to the kids that we were going to be moving across the country…and while this was an exciting prospect for our little guys (who were going to get to make the switch from cowboys to surfer dudes), the big kids were not near as thrilled…especially georgie.

this was, pretty much, going to ruin her life.  she agreed to join us provided the following conditions were met:

  •  she would drop out of school and sell sno-cones on the beach
  • she would receive a pet tiger
  • she would also receive a purple flying unicorn which could fly her back to texas whenever she wished

being the awesome mom that i am (hee hee) i immediately agreed to all conditions and for the next few months we lived in this fantasy land where these things would actually take place.   of course, somewhere between texas and virginia, we’ve come back to reality and life goes on.

volleyball season officially begins with a scrimmage tonight.  it’s nice to see a smile on georgie’s face again.  she’s back in the game in more ways than one and that makes my heart happy 🙂

check out the fun magnets we worked on for the girls…their jersey numbers & some sporty phrases!  love how they turned out.  

little piece of trivia:  my husband and i were both patriots in high school (he in virginia, me in ohio).  as a result of this move, austin & georgie are now patriots as well.  how cool is that? 

tonight begins a new chapter.  GO LADY PATRIOTS!   hope it’s a GREAT season.